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Investment Experience - 27 yrs

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We are top-down investors. Our strategy is to invest in companies that are not only numero uno in their respective industry but have constantly grown the competitive moat to protect their pole position. We first identify industry verticals and sub-verticals that we believe would grow on a secular basis for the next 15-20 years based on change in demographics, consumption patterns and technology. We then identify the clear Leader of the vertical and put it through a proprietary diligence framework that is based on Michael Porters 5 Forces Competitive Edge Model. We rate each company across 35 parameters to establish whether it has a clear competitive edge over the challengers and the ability to grow at a faster rate and more profitably. For this rating we depend on our primary research where our deep relationships with industry participants, dealers, distributors, bankers, suppliers etc. are invaluable. Based on the valuation range that we establish for each company in the portfolio, we actively manage the allocation. This dynamic allocation is the secret sauce of our superior returns. Another reason for our superior performance is that the key attributes of our portfolio companies across growth, profitability and leverage, are better than all popular indices (both individually and on an average). To summarize: Our investment process is very rigorous and disciplined. Investment decisions are made by a team and not an individual. Our process minimizes the risk of human and emotional biases by focusing on facts rather than opinions. We benefit from a proprietary network that we have created across industries for primary data collection.


Medium Risk

Wealth Compounder

Grow wealth by investing in natural compounders of earnings that produce above-average returns with below average business volatility



Min Investment

1.17 %

-2.22 %

₹ 125000.00

Low Risk

Formidable Dozen Plus (fd+)

Generate higher than Fixed Income returns by investing in a portfolio of select 12 mega-cap stocks



Min Investment

7.67 %

2.50 %

₹ 100000.00

High Risk

Emerging Dominators Plus (ed+)

To multiply wealth for a long period of time by investing in a portfolio of multi-baggers from high growth small and mid-cap stocks.



Min Investment

4.23 %

0.00 %

₹ 200000.00