Demo Advisor Akta - 3 D Portfolio

High Risk

Benchmark - NIFTY 500

Minimum Investment Amount - ₹ 1500000.00

Inception Date - 04-07-2023

Akta 3-D portfolio aims to identify the emerging and winning sectors and invest into the sectoral winners. The idea behind this portfolio is to capture the volume of activity that is creating huge opportunity of growth and therefore wealth creation in these winning categories. Over the last few years, following 3 Sectors have become probable winner and our 3-D portfolio is based out these 3 themes: Defense Digital India Domestic Consumption So, Akta 3-D portfolio aims to capture the category winners from the winning category. If you believe in these 3 stories, then this portfolio is must to invest. Well-crafted portfolio with a view to capture the India growth story.

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