Demo Advisor Akta Tata Portfolio

High Risk

Benchmark - NIFTY 500

Minimum Investment Amount - ₹ 300000.00

Inception Date - 04-07-2023

At Akta Capital Advisers LLP , the term TATA stands for Trust, Assurance, Transparency and Allegiance. Over the last 100+ years, TAT Group has built an iconic business brand in India that is not only respected but also loved by every Indian. From Salt to Hotels to IT to Consumer durables, Tata Group has presence in every business and it has touched the heart of every Indian. To get a grab of this iconic brand and create a long-term wealth opportunity, the TATA Portfolio from Akta is an Ideal way to start owning the most favored and respected Brand of India. TATA Group portfolio reflects pride, commitment and happiness associated with the brand TATA.

Performance Comparison



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