Demo Advisor Akta Dividend Hot Spot Portfolio

Low Risk

Benchmark - S&P Bse 500

Minimum Investment Amount - ₹ 100000.00

Inception Date - 04-07-2023

Dividend is most favored when it comes to investor's preference in Investment. We have observed that there are 4 major investment objective and they are: Growth of Capital. Liquidity of Capital. Return on Capital (Dividend) Safety of Capital. Among these 4 objectives, Dividend is most favored by domestic investor. Dividend Hot spot portfolio aims to deliver consistent return on Capital by exploring growth opportunity in high Yield Companies. Typically, apt for conservative and Moderate investors.

Performance Comparison



Disclaimer: Investment in Capital Market instruments is subject to market risks. Please consult your Investment Adviser for more details. The performance analysis using tools above includes effect of various corporate actions.