What is a Model Fund?

Model Funds are high conviction best idea portfolio of stocks built around an investment philosophy and theme. Every model funds represent a unique investment style from the best and time tested investment professionals which are built around ultimate expectation of wealth creation. These are affordable in cost and convinient to buy through our online integrated platform www.modelfunds.com and exclusive to our platform in nature. Every model funds is exclusive to its manufacturer and donot represent general investment idea or objective. Modelfunds.com offers digital market place, platforms and solutions to ease the process of investing in such finely curated modelfunds.

Why Model funds?

The idea of model funds is to simplify your investing experience. We have always believed that our goal is excellence in investing. To us, this means achieving attractive returns without commensurate risk, an imbalance which can only be achieved in markets that are not “efficient.” Although we strive for superior returns, our first priority is that our actions produce consistency, protection of capital, and superior performance in bad times. We focus on following parameters while choosing the right investment strategies from the vast universe of equity advisory that offers limitless product, strategies and opportunities from some of the finest investment managers. We focus on the following attributes while launching modelfunds at our platform:

Research methodology and the Investment manager

Commonality of Interest

Ease of communication and User experience

Management Fee or expenses around the investment

New Products and appropriateness

Risk management and Compliance

Benefits of Model funds

Rigorous Researched Portfolio of Equity and Stocks
Each model funds strategies comes with combination of stocks that are well researched and analysed by the best investment managers to bring an ease of investment for you and your financial ambition.

Ease of execution - Buy or Sell Multiple Stocks in a
Single Click

Each model funds strategies or portfolio is a combination of 15- 20 stocks. You can buy & sell all of them in a single click across multiple broker oplatform without having to change or shift your broking account. It is simply Select & Invest !!

Convenient Fees and Execution

All our model funds are extremely affordable and convenient to buy. Exclusive of brokerage, we charge exceedingly small convenience fee to offer you the best services. Kindly write to us at info@modelfunds.com to know more details.

No Lock-in or timeline restrictions

Every modelfunds is a extremely liquid product. Once invested in our world class modelfunds, you can exit at your suitabile time. We believe in offering delightfull investing experience. Our check-out process is simple Select and Sell.

Regular Updates!!

We believe in continuous communication. We arrange regular product meet and updates with the investment managers or fund manager to ensure that you have the right knowledge and facts about the product that you have inclinations. Complete transparency is our central theme. We often arrange personalised meetings with fund managers and investment specialist.