Model funds is a high conviction best idea portfolio of stocks built around an investment philosophy by extremely talented investment advisers and portfolio managers.

Any investor with a valid and KYC compliant demat and trading account with an SEBI registered broker can invest in Modelfunds.

Investor who pays for Modelfunds owns the model funds. As per SEBI’s Securities Contracts Regulation acts, any investor with a valid demat and trading account can own a Modelfunds.

A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) can invest in the Modelfunds by purchasing shares through the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) on a repatriation and non-repatriation basis. Please consult your broker for more clarification.

Yes you can gift model funds to your family members, relatives and friends provided they have demat and trading account with SEBI registered borker.

The first step to invest in Modelfunds is have a valid and active demat accounts with a SEBI registered broker. If your broker is not empanelled with Modelfunds, you need to request them to register with or write to us at

No you do not need to open any account to purchase Modelfunds. Visit our website and check the lists of empanelled broker. If your broker is empanelled with us, you can Buy and sell Modelfunds with just couple of clicks.

Yes. All our products and services are compliant within its regulatory permit. Modelfunds is manufactured by SEBI registered intermediaries and sold by our platform, which is SEBI registered intermediaries as well. Your transaction is facilitated at the SEBI registered broker. For more information, please write to us at

Every model funds is bought and sold at your registered broker platform which is secured and complaint with regulatory guidelines. Your Modelfunds is accessible by you through your account only. Donot share your account broker account details with anyone.

Buying Modelfunds is a 2 click process. Select your Modelfunds and buy at your broker. It is simply Select and Buy.

Investing in Modelfunds is compliant under equity tax laws – short terms capital gain and long-term capital gain. Kindly consult your tax consultants for more details. Our platform is not tax consultant and hence we do not advise on taxation and its eventual liabilities.

There is no lock-in period for holding model funds’ portfolios. We ensure that all our model funds are extremely liquid in nature.

Every model fund is built around investment philosophy and investors preference. Each Modelfunds is unique and do not represent general investment ideas. Check every Modelfunds to know more about them.

Modelfunds performance and various investor centric analytics are available under your investment login at Invest with us to experience world class investing experience !!

Every model funds has subscription charges and management charges. Please check individual Modelfunds for more details.

Any individual who has a valid demat and trading account can invest into Modelfunds. Check with your broker to open account under minor category.

Modelfunds managers are SEBI registered intermediaries. They are registered Investment Advisers, Research analysts, Portfolio managers, etc. write to us at for more details.

Capital market instruments like Modelfunds are subject to market risk. Please read all scheme related information carefully before making any investment decision. You may also seek advise from SEB registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) or MFDs for more details.

Every model fund is backed by sufficient data and facts with simple illustrated analytics. Consult a SEBI registered RIAs and MFDs for more details.

Modelfunds are high conviction best idea stock basket built around investment philosophy. Loan against shares and mutual funds is allowed under Securities exchange acts. Kindly consult a SEBI registered RIA or MFD for more details. You may also write to your broker on your eligibility for loan against securities.