Demo Advisor Akta - C U B Portfolio

High Risk

Benchmark - Nifty Smallcap 250

Minimum Investment Amount - ₹ 60000.00

Inception Date - 04-07-2023

CUB Stands for Competitive Upcoming Business. In today's world of investment, the major success lies in identifying business that is moving fast up the Value Chain in terms of its products and Services. These opportunities are found best in small yet powerful companies who is not only well managed but extremely profitable and well capitalized. At CUB our Objective is to find them YOUNG and ride on the complete Valuation journey. From the vast universe of Nifty Micro-Cap 250, our investment philosophy and process filter out the best in class and creates this CUB Portfolio. With market Cap less than 5000 Crore this is a great portfolio for investors who is extremely growth and momentum hungry and loves to explore the next big Thing.

Performance Comparison



Disclaimer: Investment in Capital Market instruments is subject to market risks. Please consult your Investment Adviser for more details. The performance analysis using tools above includes effect of various corporate actions.